The Ohio Laborers’ Benefits Office offers great benefits to eligible Laborers throughout the state of Ohio.  To learn more about the benefits offered, please visit

 Insurance Benefits:

  • Medical (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • Prescription (Envision/Rx Options)
  • Vision (National Vision Administrators – NVA)
  • Short-term Disability
  • Retiree insurance

You will establish your initial eligibility for insurance benefits the first of the month after you have worked 450 hours as a laborer (providing the 450 hours are in a six consecutive month period).

Once you meet initial eligibility requirements, eligibility is looked at on a monthly basis. If you meet any of the following for a given month, you will continue eligibility for that month:

  • 250 hours in the first 3 months of the 4 months immediately preceding the month of coverage; or
  • 500 hours in the first 6 months of the 7 months immediately preceding the month of coverage; or
  • 1000 hours in the first 12 months of the 13 months immediately preceding the month of coverage.

To check your insurance/pension hours visit to create an account. Questions feel free to contact the Union hall (440) 277-4210.

Ohio Laborers Benefits is pleased to announce Retirement counseling.

Before members commence their pension benefits, a representative from The Benefits Office will come to your local Union office at a time that is convenient and meet with members to explain the different options available to them and answer any questions they may have. To schedule an appointment please call a Benefits Counselor at 1-800-236-6437 to set up a convenient time for you. During the session, the representative will assist the member in completing all of the forms needed to commence retirement and retiree insurance.

Members should try to meet with the counselor approximately 90 days before they wish to receive their first pension check. They do not have to wait until they quit working to apply for a pension benefit. Married members are encouraged to bring their spouse to the meeting since some forms may require the spouse’s signature.

The benefits of attending a retirement counseling session include:

  • A better understanding of the pension and retiree insurance benefits available.
  • A quicker pension processing time; members can get their first check sooner.
  • Interested members should contact a Benefits Counselor at 1-800-236-6437 to set up a meeting. The following information will be needed before the session:
    • The last day the member worked or plans to work.
    • The member’s estimated Social Security benefit at Normal Retirement age if interested in Social Security leveling options.
    • If applying for disability pension benefits, we need to know the date of disability.