Collaboration and Partnership

Skilled Workers Deliver Value

When building a project, contractors have some key factors to consider. They want a competitive price; quality construction from a skilled workforce; the project to be completed on-time and on-budget, a safety-compliant workforce; and finally, contractors want to be satisfied with the project when it is completed. Only one-group can consistently meet these goals: union built Ohio master builders.

There’s a sense of pride that comes with knowing one’s decision makes a difference. And for all members of the communities it serves, supporting union built Ohio master builders means having the ability to participate in the improvement of their community. Not only does it help create good jobs and promote family stability, it can also mean having access to necessary assistance in
tough times.

Union built by Ohio master builders is one of the smartest decisions an owner can make. Union members who work for master builders in Ohio are a highly skilled labor force committed to a superior quality work, top notch training, safety compliance and increased productivity. Build your next project with an Ohio master builder. Union built means a commitment to quality.

Union construction has upheld its commitment to its members and Ohio master builders it serves for over 100 years, with the belief that all working people have a right to:

• A good job with benefits
• A living wage that can support a family,
• Security and dignity in work and retirement
• A safe and secure workplace, and
• Education and training to reach their full potential.

In return, union members take pride in: Being productive, efficient workers, producing work of the highest quality, improving their local communities, helping fellow workers achieve safety and security in the workplace, and being active citizens and informed voters.

Ohio Union Contractors and the workers they employ are the best in the business. An employee of a union contractor in the construction trades has gone through thousands of hours of training as an apprentice to learn his/her skills. That learning experience of three and five years has taught the unionized worker the skills they need to be the best in the business. Union contractors far exceed the skill training of their non-unionized competition.

That skills training has made union construction workers the most productive in the world. While it is true that most unionized construction workers make more in wages and benefits than their non-union competition, they make up for it in productivity and safety compliance. When you use a union construction firm, you know that the workers are well trained and constantly improving their skills. Those skills mean that there are fewer mistakes and change orders on jobs and fewer requirements for having to come back and fix problems later.

Ohio Union Contractors work cooperatively with their workers to make sure that jobs get done right. Union and management work cooperatively, ensuring that projects work smoothly. Management is rewarded by having the best trained workforce in the industry and workers are rewarded with family-supporting wage and affordable healthcare package.