Union Training

The Union Advantage

LIUNA members have access to the best continuing education program in North America at no cost to the member. LIUNA training centers deliver a comprehensive curricula that adheres to strict standards across the country and in Canada. Each year, more than 140,000 workers are trained in building construction; heavy and highway construction; construction supervision; environmental remediation, demolition, rehabilitation and restoration.

Each training center has a dedicated area for hands–on training particular to the needs of the courses they are teaching and their specialty. For instance, a site training Hazardous Waste workers would have the equipment and supplies needed for hands–on training, including breathing air compressor, cascade system and filling station, self–contained breathing units, Level A, B, and C training suits, air monitors, explosive gas indicators, and confined space retrieval tri–pod.

These training areas are mock designs to simulate an actual hazardous waste remediation site to demonstrate specialized and hands-on training in the following skills:

  • Confined space
  • Pond area
  • Lagoon area
  • Other water sampling area
  • Buried drum probing area
  • Debris segregation and staging area
  • Over–pack area
  • Personnel and equipment decontamination area

Similarly, a Center teaching tunneling techniques or bridge work would have the space and equipment needed for hands–on practical training in real conditions. While each center has their specialty, almost all offer concrete, asphalt, and mason tending facilities. Each training center has classroom, dining, and administrative space. The facilities have built–in residential space, nearby lodging accommodations, or serve a commuting area where sleeping accommodations will not be required. All of the training facilities are fully equipped with classroom teaching equipment including smart boards, computers, video and document projectors, LCD projectors, and reference libraries. To learn more about training opportunities or sign up for courses, contact the Union hall at the number below:

Local 758 Training Center
25721 Coshocton Road
Howard, Ohio
(440) 277-4210


At times the demand for certified workers exceeds training capacity, or is required in remote locations. In these situations, our mobile training providers can quickly provide the required training. Most funds have the capability and experience to provide training at remote locations and can present quality training programs through their mobile units. LIUNA training courses, opening doors to new opportunity and advancement, providing valuable learning in skills such as hazardous waste remediation, remote tunnels, concrete work, and a wide range of other building construction skills. Training helps employers compete with higher productivity and quality, and helps workers earn more and work more safely.